Golf in Warmia, Mazury and Podlasie


This was the last, 36th week of our trip ‚Golf around the World’. During 252 days of uninterrupted travel, we visited 10 countries and traveled almost 25,000 kilometers with our Golf! We invite you to read the accounts of the last week of our trip during which we visited north-eastern Poland.

We have never been in Olsztyn before and maybe that is why the city has made a very good impression on us. If we are somewhere where we have already been, we focus more on comparisons ‚was / is’ and on this basis we assess the given place.

At the beginning of the city market, which is the heart of the intimate Old Town.


At the corner of the market square and Zamkowa Street, there is an Evangelical-Augsburg church.


On the left a fragment of the Old Town Hall and in the background a High Gate which is a fragment of the old city fortifications. To this day, quite a lot of the impressive ring of walls surrounding medieval Olsztyn has been preserved.


Walking along Zamkowa Street, we reach the Warmian Chapter Castle. Formerly it was a Teutonic castle.


Just behind the castle, on the other side of the Łyna River, surrounded by a well-kept park, there is a fountain ‚Fish with a child’. Right next to a renovated palace with a restaurant inside.


We go back through one of several bridges over Łyna and at the gate of the Old Town, we look at the Warmia Brewery, where you can try a local craft beer.


We enter Targ Rybny Square, which is built a bit more modernly, but fortunately architecture at least in some extent refers to what was here before.


The High Gate mentioned earlier, which guarded access to the city from the north.


From the passage in this gate, we look at Staromiejska Street, which leads straight to the market square. We see a fragment of the tram rails, which ran through the Old Town from north to south before the war.


Today, the communication system of Olsztyn looks quite different, but only a few dozen meters further we will find a tram that has its final stop at Street of the 11th November, in other words in front of the High Gate and the entrance to the Old Town.


The remnants of the city walls mentioned earlier. A very well-kept park (Olsztyn Planty) runs along the trail of ancient fortifications and surrounds the Old Town practically from every side.


At the end, the Basilica of Saint James. Before her works are paving and gardening. After completing them, the walk through the plants will be pure pleasure (basically it’s already there!).


We say goodbye to Olsztyn, which made a very good impression on us, mainly due to order, cleanliness and care for greenery.

This is our Golf at Lake Niegocin in Giżycko. This beautiful place served as a haven for a one-day rest in the middle of the week.


Giżycko pier …


… and a cruise ship sailing on Niegocin. In the background, the modern buildings of Ecomarina Giżycko.


We went to Suwałki by provincial road No. 655 through Olecko. Along the way, only lakes, forests and sometimes villages and towns. In a word – paradise. Everything looks unpolluted, calm as if forgotten.

Suwałki has a small city center, which can be visited in 1-2 hours. The Co-Cathedral of St. Alexander. Right next to a very well-kept Park Konstytucji 3 Maja.


This is Kosciuszki Street at the height of the aforementioned park. It is one of the two main streets crossing the center from north to south.


On the right, Maria Konopnicka Square, the local market, along Noniewicza Street which is the second most important street in the center of Suwałki.


Pedestrian street along Chłodna Street connecting the streets of Kościuszki and Noniewicza. Despite the low and rather small-town buildings located peripherally, Suwałki look like a well-developed and well-kept city. Probably the location on the road to Lithuania and the other Baltic countries is of great importance.


And at the end of our content a quick look at Augustów located several dozen kilometers south of Suwałki. River Netta near the Port of Augustów. It is from here that the famous cruises on the Augustów Canal and the Rospuda Valley flow out.


The beginning of the Augustów Canal itself is very inconspicuous. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch a cruise, but at the next visit we will definitely do it, because it is supposedly worth it.


This is how we end our journey around Poland and, consequently, our entire trip. Thank you for all likes, follows and comments. It was our journey of life that you witnessed. Now we are coming back to a reality that is equally interesting and exciting for us 🙂

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