Golf at the Polish seaside


Last weekend we finally spent at the Polish seaside! We are always happy to return to the Tri-City, which attracts with its amazing atmosphere and beauty. This time, we visited Gdańsk and Sopot, there were one of our last stops before returning home.


The main city in Gdansk. From Spichrzów Island, we look at the other shore of the Motława River.


A glance towards the sea. This is one of the most famous views of Gdansk, with the famous ‚Crane’ and a new accent in the city center, which is the roof of the Museum of the Second World War visible in the background.


When it comes to new places, you can not miss the newly opened Gdańsk Forum, a new urban space that is a natural extension of Długi Targ, the most popular street in the city.


The Forum is primarily a large shopping mall, but there was also space for cultural institutions (Water Craft) or buildings for hotel functions. In addition, thanks to the construction of the Forum, the communication system in this part of Śródmieście has definitely improved. The inhabitants of Gdańsk also gained a modern public space in the heart of the city.


From the new one we go straight into the old one. This is Elektryków street, which is located at the Gdańsk Shipyard. The former renovation halls turned into cafes and concerts are held in the open air in the summer season. We were here early in the morning, hence emptiness, but in the afternoons and evenings this place is populated and is an interesting alternative for those who are bored or tortured downtown Gdansk or the popular „Monciak” in Sopot.


Since we are at the Shipyard, it is impossible to forget about the European Center of Solidarity created not so long ago with a magnificent museum inside. Also interesting is the architecture of the building, which refers to the rusty and intended for the renovation (or demolition) of the ship.


A few hundred meters further another significant point on the city map, that is the already mentioned, visible from the Motława River, the Museum of the Second World War. Most of the building is hidden under the ground and there is an exhibition there. Besides, very rich and interesting, showing the Second World War from a wide, wider than one can suppose, perspective.


We’re going back to the Main Town. We’re at Długi Targ. The street pulsates with life, basically around the clock. Revitalized, previously rebuilt after war damage, middle-class tenement houses look great.


We’re going towards Golden Gate through Długi Targ Street. Behind this complex of gates guarding the entrance to the medieval city is the Gdańsk Forum.


We look behind us. On the left, the town hall is impressive and under it the Neptune’s fountain, which is also very famous.


And this is another of the beautiful old-town streets – Piwna. You can easily see the Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica, the largest church in Gdańsk. The construction of such a huge temple several hundred years ago testified to the city’s great importance at that time. It has not changed especially until today.


At the end of the visit in Gdańsk, we look at the Wyspa Spichrzów. What the Russians and Germans destroyed during the battles for the city in 1945 is being rebuilt. Of course in a different shape, with the use of other technologies and materials, but in appearance similar in scale to the original. It is very good that this is happening.


Sopot. The city changes with each subsequent visit. This time, a new railway station was opened. Of course, it did not lack an extensive commercial function.


Crooked House near Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. Looking at this photo you can get dizzy 🙂


Beautiful lighthouse near the pier.


And, probably the most famous in Poland, the pier in Sopot. Even the fact that the entrance fee has been introduced does not deter the crowd of tourists.


The beginning of June is not yet the full season, but as for Monday at 12.00 the filling of the beach seems quite large. There were also the first screens, thanks to which we finally felt that we had returned to Poland.


With this nice touch we finish the report from the Tri-City. Before us only north-eastern Poland (Warmia, Mazury, and Podlasie) and return home. We will write about all this soon.

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