Golf in Denmark (part 2)


These are the last days of our stay outside of Poland. After eight months of uninterrupted travel, as planned we are slowly returning home. Before this happens, we wanted to show where we spent the previous few days. We visited mainly the cities and towns of eastern Denmark, where we will stay until tomorrow and head towards the western border of Poland. This will not be the end of our trip 🙂


We are lucky that the weather is good for the whole trip. It is no different in Denmark. May, like in Poland, is not always warm and sunny here, but we’ve come across excellent conditions throughout the stay.

On Thursday afternoon we were in the several dozen thousand-citizen – Slagelse, the largest city in western Zealand. Several of the main streets and squares in the center are intended for pedestrians only, which definitely makes sightseeing easier.


We are at Rosengade Street. On the right behind the trees we can see the buildings of the Gothic church Sct. Mikkels Kirke. Like most temples in Denmark, it is a Protestant church.


Below one of the three main squares of the city, in our opinion the most beautiful, Schweizerpladsen filled with restaurant gardens. The tower of Sct. Mikkels Kirke in the background.


The second main temple in Slagelse is the Catholic Vor Frue Kirke located on the way from the center to the train station.


In addition to the recently presented Schweizerpladsen and Radhuspladsen, which is in fact a car park, the third square of Slagelse is Nytorv, or the New Market Square. We look at the sun-drenched and green square with stairs leading to Sct. Mikkels Kirke.


A day later, we visited the nearby town of Ringsted. In the area there is a well-known Roman chutch Sct. Bendts Kirke. To this day, it has preserved its medieval architecture.


The city center and market square (Torvet) is currently under reconstruction so we went a bit further to the nicer views. It is a commercial Norregade leading to the market.


An interesting water supply tower and right next to the former building of the radio station has now been replaced by the Ringsted Radiomuseum.


A dozen kilometers south of Ringsted and Slagelse is the seaside Naestved. Entering the city from the south-west, we pass the Protestant Sct. Mortens Kirke.


In the center there is a lively movement. Similarly to Slagelse, also here the main commercial streets of the city and the market are intended only for pedestrians and, in some places, cyclists.


On the right, several hundred years old half-timbered houses and in the background a tower of another Gothic temple in Naestved – Sct. Peders Kirke.



The most recognizable fragment and at the same time an architectural showcase of the city. On the right Sct. Peders Kirke, museum on the left and old bourgeois houses in front. All this meticulously restored and looking probably the same as it was just after construction.


Sculpture-fountain on Axeltorv, the main square of Naestved. As a riddle, we leave what this sculpture presents. This is a very interesting story and it is not easy to find information on the internet. We know from the description, which is next to the fountain 🙂


We’re going back to the central part of Zealand. We are in the vicinity of the small town of Soro, situated between the beautiful and clear lakes Soro So and Tuelso.


Spotlessly clean shore of Lake Tuelso.


The main street of Soro is the backbone of the small town Storgade, built with the most impressive houses and public buildings. It leads to the beautifully situated on the shores of the Soro Academy lake and university buildings.


In front of us is Klosterporten, meaning the gate leading to the monastery and the academic district.


On the left a fragment of the monastery facade and in the middle the main building of the Soro Academy.


In a small house on the left there is a place frequented mainly by students of Cafe Skjalms Have.


View from the lake side to the Soro Academy building.


Turn 180 degrees and look at the shore of the lake where three duck families are just waiting to throw a piece of bread. Unfortunately, they did not get anything from us, but during the short stay on the riverbank there were many other donors.


This is the end of our relation from our 10-day stay in a sunny, clean, neat and simply beautiful Denmark. Tomorrow we are moving on a further journey.

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