Golf in Denmark


Probably unexpectedly for many, in the last week we found ourselves in a completely different part of Europe than before. After covering 2,000 kilometers through northern Italy, Austria and Germany, overcoming alpine passages and tunnels, we reached lowland Denmark. This is where we spent the last (and spend the next) week.

We stopped at Zealand, the most eastern one of the three main islands of the country. Using beautiful sunny weather we visited cities, towns and villages picturesquely situated on the north and west coast of Zealand.


At the beginning a bridge connecting Zealand with the central island of Denmark – Funen. The crossing has a length of 20 kilometers and is divided into two parts – visible in the picture a suspended 10-kilometer bridge under which ships flow, and a second, also 10-kilometer, flat and located on the pillars stuck into the bottom of the sea. The whole is connected by an artificially built island. Thanks to this crossing, both cars and trains can comfortably, though not cheap, overcome the Great Belt Strait. We came here too.


This spectacular facility is located near the town of Korsor, which we visited shortly thereafter. One of the main monuments is the defensive Korsor Faestning complex located on the coast.


On this Sunday lazy afternoon there were few passers-by here. We look at Skt. Povls Kirke located on the edge of the main street of the city, Algade.


20 km to the south there is another picturesque village in the area – Skaelskor. As in any Danish city it is clean aesthetically and unusually green here.


We are in front of the Old Town Hall.


To the left of the city hall is the Gothic Skt. Nicolai Kirke, a great example of the local sacred Gothic architecture. Built according to the same scheme non-plastered or plastered in white churches can be found on the whole island.


We are already at the canal connecting the city with the bay and further with the Baltic Sea. In the background a modern perfectly inscribed in the surroundings, a city library.


The next day we went cycling on one of the most famous beaches in Stillinge Strand considered to be the most beautiful in western Zealand. On the way we passed the village of Kirke Stillinge with a Gothic church similar to the one shown earlier. It is worth noting that practically every church has a cemetery that often looks more like a garden than the burial place of the dead. It is very modest, aesthetically and green.



The biggest city we visited last week was undoubtedly Roskilde a nearly 50,000 satellite located near Copenhagen. We start unusually because also from the cemetery and the Grabrode chapel located on it.


Modern art on the square in front of the railway station.


The main street and also the city promenade is Algade full of branded shops and restaurants. At the end of the street there is the town hall building almost invisible in this photo.


However before we get there on the right we pass the magnificent buildings of the Roskilde monastery.


A look behind us. We are looking at the part of Algade we already crossed. The building is once again new but it always fits together.


We reach the market square and we see the main sacral monument of the city, the Roskilde Domkirke cathedral.


On the waterfront, there is the Viking Ship Museum. Played and presented to visitors here are traditional boats of ancient Vikings, such as the one that schoolchildren under the guidance of the guide went on a short cruise on the bay.


The last day of the trip this week we spent on the seaside Kalundborg and Skaelskor.

In Kalundborg from a distance the massive shape of the Von Frue Kirke church is striking, which opens the entrance to the small old town from the west.


Going towards the main street of the city the Kordilgade pedestrian street we pass the monastery located at Klosterparkvej.


Traditional half-timbered houses are very popular here and preserved in very good condition. This is located at the west entrance to the pedestrian area.


Somewhat sleepy and empty Kordilgade. We were here just in the afternoon so most people were at work at the time.


On the north-west of Kalundborg lies the Rosnaes Fyr Lighthouse, located on the headland guarding the entrance to the port in the city. We look first at her and then at Kalundborg and the surrounding bay Kalundborg Fjord.



The last point of the trip this week is located on the north of the island, between Kalundborg and Roskilde, Holbaek. We are at Ahlgade the main pedestrian street of the city.


For a short rest we chose a seaside, charming boulevard with beautifully trimmed grass from which you could admire the panorama of the town surrounded by small fishing boats and slightly larger yachts and motor boats. Really, the perfect place to spend a sunny, free afternoon.


See you next week!

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