Golf in Umbria


After two months of staying in Sicily, we finally left the Island of the Sun and we went by ferry to Livorno. We spent the last week in northern Umbria, in the province of Perugia, near the town of Nocera Umbra. We had the opportunity to see Assisi and the lesser-known villages of the nearby provincial Foligno, Spello and the aforementioned Nocera Umbra.


In Assisi, we were on May 1st. You can see that a lot of Polish people decided to spend a may weekend in the city of St. Francis, because after Italian Polish was the most-heard language on the streets of the city.

We enter the medieval center of Assisi. After the heavily neglected Sicily such views are a big change.


With narrow, built-up centuries-old houses, we slowly climb up the hill to reach the most famous place in Assisi, the Basilica of Saint Francis.


We’re here.


From the square in front of the upper part of the temple, there is a view of the colonnade surrounding the cathedral square and the nearby picturesque surroundings.


The whole city makes a great impression because of the flags on the medieval walls. They add not only color, but also make what we look at even more authentic. It’s as if we were moving to a different era.


We look at the fortress towering over the city of Saint Francis.


From its walls there is an excellent view of the eastern part of Assisi.


The much less well-known but also quite interesting town in the area is located slightly to the south-east of Assisi – Foligno. It is true that there is no history as interesting as Assisi, but it’s worth taking a moment to see them. At the main square of the city, Piazza della Repubblica, there is the Cathedral of Saint Feliciano.



On the other side of the square there is the Town Hall towering over the remaining buildings.


One of the streets in the center of Foligno. The city has lost its former character over the years, but places like this evoke the spirit of the past, which can also be found in many other charming corners of the city.


From Foligno, we go to the Spello. Here we have much more to explore, because the city looks like an open-air museum on the hill where time has stopped hundreds of years ago. In addition, all houses, churches and public buildings are meticulously renovated thanks to which we feel exceptional there.

The city gate is in front of us. It looks inconspicuous, but everything that is most important is just behind her.


Even the deteriorating weather has not deterred us from discovering Spello. Its panorama, visible from the Foligno-Perugia road, makes an amazing impression. That’s why it’s worth to come here.

If it were not for cars that Italians love, it would be difficult to say when these photos were taken.



One of many very stylish wine shop.


We reach a small observation deck in the western part of the city. From this place we look north.


The town is small so even wandering through the tangle of medieval streets will not put us in trouble. You can always reach Via Roma, the main street running through the center of Spello.


It is worth noting that the inhabitants care for greenery very much. At the houses, on the window sills and stairs are flower pots which at a small cost definitely increase the attractiveness of this place.


At the end, we had a tour of Nocera Umbra, near which we stayed this week. It is like Spello a small town located on a hill, probably hundreds villages like that in Umbria.


The buildings are a little bit higher than in Spello, but you can see that Nocera Umbra did not have such a rich history as Spello in the past. There are fewer churches, palaces and places where you can please an eye longer.


On the top of the hill on which the city was founded, there is the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta cathedral behind which there is an observation deck.


From the terrace we can see the nearby hills and the winding road that leads to Foligno and Spello. This is how spring looks like in Umbria -picturesque, slightly hilly and above all very green.


We will also spend the next week in this area and we will visit Tuscany, which is just a few kilometers north.

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