Golf in the Sicilian province


The twenty-eighth week of our trip we spent again on the north-west coast of Sicily visiting smaller towns located near cape Capo San Vito on the Tyrrhenian Sea.


At the first fire we went again to the Monte Cofano nature reserve. This time we managed to go around it, which was not easy considering that in the sun the temperature reached 30 degrees C.


The route was much more mountainous and demanding than before. Fortunately, we managed to reach the coast again, dominated by one of the two defensive towers located here.


The next day we went to Alcamo, located 50 km to the east. It is a resort with a very rich history dating back to ancient times. Today it is a provincial town, several dozen thousand people, ideal to visit in one day.

We are on the main street in Alcamo – Via VI Aprile.


One of the main churches is located in the very center – Chiesa del Collegio del Gesuiti. Despite the relatively small size of the city, there are several dozen of old churches, most of which are worth seeing.


We follow a narrow alley towards another of the important Catholic temples of Alcamo.


We reach the square in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta. In addition to the beautifully refurbished façade, the interior of the church is distinguished, richly decorated with marble.


A few streets away there is a former castle Castello del conti di Modica pressed between the urban buildings. Probably if it were located on a lonely hill, not among bourgeois tenement houses, it would be much more impressive.


Over a dozen kilometers north-west of Alcamo, there is one of the most popular tourist resort among Italians – Castellammare del Golfo. Thanks to the beautiful location in the bay above the calm Tyrrhenian Sea practically throughout the year, the city does not complain about the lack of visitors. Fortunately, in April it is still quite peaceful so we can easily visit this charming town.

Going to the center, we passed the Baroque church of Chiesa San Giuseppe on Via Francesco Crispi.


Castellammare del Golfo attracts with its atmosphere. The streets are full of corners where you can spend your free time with great pleasure. The facades of the houses or churches are mostly renovated and the flower-filled courtyards invite you to look inside.




The work is in progress in a fishing port. Every now and then a cutter filled with fresh seafood sticks to the quay. The wharf is full of tangled fishing nets and trolleys. A large part of seafood goes straight to nearby restaurants.



We go to the nearby hill with a panoramic view of the center of Castellammare. On the left you can see the yacht part of the port, full of motor boats. The distinguished building on the promontory is the remains of a former Arab-Norman castle that remembers the times of reign the Arabs in Sicily at the turn of the first and second millennium AD.


You do not need to fly up to look at the city from above. Driving along the road back to Capo San Vito, we pass an observation deck along the way with a splendid panorama on Castellammare del Golfo.


We went on our way to Scopello, a former fishermen’s settlement, which is now a thriving tourist center. The old village today can serve as an example of how the provincial Sicily once looked.


There are plenty of dogs that either rest in the shade of brick gates or quench their thirst in a nearby fountain. The majority of local residents and tourists behave in a similar way.



The Scopello coast is full of rugged rocks with old defensive towers to protect access to the bay. It was important because in Scopello from immemorial times there was a large fish processing plant, especially tuna.



At the end of the week we went to San Vito Lo Capo, the northernmost and westernmost town of Sicily. It is a typical tourist town that attracts with a beautiful beach in the bay, close to two mountainous nature reserves (Monte Cofano and Zingaro) and the precipitous shores of Capo San Vito.


View of the lighthouse on the cape.


Monte Monaco and Zingaro Nature Reserve behind it. As you can see, the spring storm was gathering.


Fortunately, the weather quickly stabilized so that in the evening we could organize a planned bonfire by the sea.


The day was end with the beautiful sunset.


The next week we are going to the south-west of Sicily in the vicinity of Marsala.

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