Golf in central Sicily


We spent the last week in the south of Sicily (Agrigento and Valley of the Temples) and in the central part of the island visiting the towns of Enna, Calascibetta and Lake Nicoletti.

One of the most famous places on the southern coast of Sicily is the Valley of the Temples located in Agrigento. It is a team of a dozen Greek cult objects that have survived to this day in a better or worse condition. An undeniable advantage of this place is its beautiful location between a city located on a hill and a stretch of the Mediterranean coast several kilometers south.


The Valley of the Temples is considered the best preserved area of ancient buildings outside of Greece. As you can see the temples are in different condition.


The Tempio della Concordia is best preserved, mainly because after the times of Greek and Roman rule, it served the Sicilians as a Christian church.


We are moving a bit higher to Agrigento itself. The city is located on a flat hill, but due to the poor afforestation of the surrounding area, it is already visible from a very long distance. One of the main monuments is the meticulously renovated Chiesa Bmv Immacolata.


City buildings are typical of smaller Sicilian villages and do not stand out with anything special. In addition to several nice churches and the previously mentioned Valley of the Temples, Agrigento is not a typical destination for tourists visiting the island.


There was a renovation in the cathedral.


The square in front of the Agrigento Centrale railway station with a view of the near-by Mediterranean Sea.


In a moment we will leave the sea towards the center of Sicily. Golf is ready to go.


We promised and we did. The next day we were in Enna, the second next to Caltanisetta a larger town in the hilly central part of the island. The streets of the old Enna are more or less steep. This below is less.


We come to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Sicily – the Rocca di Cererem with a breathtaking view of each of the four sides of the world.


First, we look at the magnificent Castello di Lombardia behind our backs.


We look at Enna located at an altitude of almost 1000m above sea level.


Looking north, we see Calascibetta, a small town located on the neighboring hill. We will visit Calascibetta the following day.


We’re going back to the center. Below the cathedral, there are feverish preparations for the procession associated with the celebration of Holy Week.


In a dozen or so minutes, strolling through the streets of the city, we came across a marching march. Admittedly, participants’ costumes are impressive. This is one of the many elements of celebrating Easter in Sicily.


We are slowly leaving Enna walking along Via Vittorio Emanuele, where just passed the ceremonial march.


As we mentioned earlier, the next day we went to Calascibetta, which captivated us with its pictoriality seen from the viewpoint in Enna. As it turned out it was worth it.

The town is situated on a steep hill. It is not surprising then that many streets are just continuous uphill stairs.


After defeating the first part of the steps we reach the main square of the city with the historic Chiesa del Carmelo.


After several dozen meters more, we reached the highest point of Calascibetta – Torre Normanna. From this place there is a magnificent view of the nearby Etna volcano.


However, before we look in its direction, we first look at the panorama of the town, which we have just walked along and across.


70 kilometers east of the place where we are, there is the Etna volcano. During our journey through Sicily we have seen it several times, but it is only from here that you can admire it in all its glory. You can also see Lake Nicoletti, which we visited shortly afterwards.


North view. The city’s buildings are at the very edge of the cliff.


We look behind our backs to see what elevation we have overcome.


And something for the observant. Where is our car? 🙂


The last point this week was Lake Nicoletti. Written as a natural monument on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it captivates with its wild, natural character.


Being in this area, it is worth visiting for only a moment. At this time of year area is completely empty, almost deserted and thanks to that even more beautiful. The water is immaculately clean, you can drink it on the spot or take it to the bottles. The brave may try to take a bath, although we do not know if it is allowed.


This is the end of our last March week in Sicily. In the next, we’re going to the northwest of the island.


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