Golf in the south of Sicily


Behind us, 14,000 kilometers of our trip. Last week we reached one of the most distant points that we were planning to see. It was the south of Sicily, where we visited the picturesque cities located among the hills – Modica, Ragusa and Scicli. Each of them is beautiful in its own way, and the element combining them is a uniform, late baroque buildings, among which the greatest impression is made by churches and stately palaces located almost at every step.

On Monday we were in Modica. The city consists of two parts – the older upper one, and the newer one – the lower one. Golf was waiting for us downstairs.


Although the main monuments of Modica are located in the upper part of the castle, it is also worth strolling around the newer part of the city.


We are slowly climbing to the top and behind us we can see the panorama of the lower part of Modica. We pay attention to the bridge visible in the distance, a few hundred meters high, followed by the main road from this part of the country to the center of the island.


Below are several panoramas showing the picturesque location of the city among the surrounding rocky hills.




We reach the main monument of the old town – the cathedral of San Giorgio. As in many other cities of the Noto Valley, the temple was built anew after the tragic consequences of the earthquake of 1693.


Another example of the Sicilian Baroque is the Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista, which has just been restored.


From the vicinity of the church, we look once again at the center of the „new” Modica through which the main artery of the city runs – Corso Umberto I.


We slowly descend down past the previously seen cathedral of San Giorgio.


Streets that lead the way back enchant with its natural beauty. Everywhere is full of green, the clothes are dried on the ropes, and between legs every now and then there are cats come out of the blue.


In front of Corso Umberto I, opposite the famous Chocolate Museum in Sicily, there is the Chiesa di San Pietro with life-sized statues of saints on the fence.


The last glance at the castle towering over the city and the surrounding buildings of the old town in Modica.


A dozen kilometers to the north and 200 meters higher there is another of the cities we visited last week – Ragusa. Like Modica, Ragusa consists of a new city and the hilltop Ragusa Ibla. Both cities were not connected together until the 20th century.

In the new part, it’s worth seeing the cathedral located by Corso Italia and the square with the Chiesa della Badia at its head.



Ragusa Ibla, the equivalent of the old town of Ragusa.


Entering the city „guards” Chiesa Anime Sante del Pulgatorio.


One of the streets leading towards the cathedral.


We come to the Piazza Duomo and we see one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Sicily, the cathedral of San Giorgio. Saint Gregory is one of the most important patrons of the temples in Sicily. It is not surprising then that in every major city one of the main churches is under his call.


On the edge of Piazza Duomo, there are another excellent examples of Baroque architecture – Chiesa di San Giuseppe and the town hall located in one of the old palaces.


We reach the eastern end of Ragusa Ibla. Behind the Parrochie di Ragusa visible below extends the exotic park Gardino Ibleo, whose main attraction is a walking alley lined with palm trees.



We spent the last day to visit Scicla. It is a small town located near the seaside Pozallo, which was our starting point this week.
We parked near Chiesa San Giuseppe and went inside. Most churches are closed in Italy, so every occasion is good to see the richness and splendor of the Sicilian temples.



Over the main square of Scicli – Piazza Italia towers the Chiesa Madre San Ignazio de Loyola.


We are in the city center. Where do you look you see church. Fortunately, the historic architecture of Scicli is under the patronage of UNESCO so Italians do not spare money and effort to keep many temples and palaces in good condition.



Former urban moat and typical burgher buildings on both sides.


One of the most beautiful squares of Scicli with the town hall located in Palazzo delle Palle and Chiesa San Giovanni Evangelista.


We are slowly climbing up to the hill with the ruins of the castle and Chiesa San Matteo, to admire the panorama of the city from there. At the beginning it is still quite flat …


… but with every meter the road is getting narrower and climbs uphill.


At the very end of the climb, we move along the former castle wall.


And we are already upstairs! The windows offer a beautiful view of the picturesque valley where Scicli has been for centuries.




All and healthy we came back down. These gentlemen installed Easter decorations that would brighten the city, among others, during the procession „Uomo Vivo” from Scicli planned for the end of March, to Donnalucata, located nearby.


After all these impressions, we went to the parking lot, where Golf was waiting for us. Right after that we went straight to the Mediterranean Sea, to the port city of Pozallo.


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