Golf on the Costa del Sol

After almost three months of travel we reached the south of Spain. Costa del Sol, meaning Sunny Coast, against its name welcomed us with changing weather. The first two days of stay were full of clouds, strong wind with rain and the temperature dropped to 15 degrees C.

In no way did it ruin our plans and in the last week we visited two places – Torre del Mar, where we were staying, and Malaga, the second largest city of Andalusia after Seville.

Christmas greeted us with the sun, but the first signs of the approaching change in the weather can already be seen on the horizon.


From Almeria to Malaga, we traveled by the A-7 motorway. In addition to its unquestionable advantage – the fact that it is free, in the package we got the opportunity to admire several hundred meters of viaducts stretched over the passes and troughs of half-dried mountain rivers and multi-kilometer tunnels in places where it would be extremely difficult to lead the road on the surface.


After almost 200 km travel we reached Torre del Mar. It is a touristic city of several dozen thousand citizen, like many on this coast. We stayed here.


We started sightseeing from the nearest area. In Torre del Mar, along the sea, there is a several-kilometer boulevard full of restaurants, places to relax, and above all sandy beaches and the necessary infrastructure accompanying them.
It is true that in the winter tropical weather is not here, but it is also quite nice.


Lighthouses in Torre del Mar. The lower one comes from the 19th century and it was here before the entire surrounding area was created. The rapid development of the region in the 1960s made it necessary to build a new, larger lighthouse. She is on the right side of this photo.


Right next to, in the crowns of ubiquitous palm trees, small parrots nest and their parents have to fly out every moment in search of new food for baby.


We are still on the seaside boulevard. We look at the mountain ranges stretching in the west. White points scattered on the hills are not snow. These are small clusters of houses that are traditionally painted white here.


Since we are on the Mediterranean Sea, there is no lack of seafood. Frutti di mare, or treasures of the local waters in full splendor, straight from today’s catch.


Some do not wait for dinner and prepare octopus immediately after harvesting. Here we can see how in a traditional way one of the fishermen cooks them over a fiery fire.


We are moving from the coastal area towards the city center. Such, accessible only to pedestrians, avenues connect the seaside part with the downtown. We have already seen a lot of such towns, so after a visitor’s tour of the center, we went back to Golf.


We spent the next two days in Malaga. It is a few hundred thousandth, located in a rolling bay city with the historic center of this coastal region. Like many centers in southern Spain, the history of the city goes back to the times before Christ. Initially, the Carthaginians, then the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and finally the Spaniards ruled these lands.

It is worth mentioning that the nearby coast together with the mountain strongholds in Cordoba and Granada defended the longest against the Spanish Reconquista and only at the end of the fourteenth century underwent Spanish domination. Nevertheless, Muslim influences have left their mark here for nearly 700 years between around 800 and 1500.

Today Malaga is a metropolis in the full sense of the word. The buildings, infrastructure, history and nature of the city are characterized by the heritage of many cultures and nations.

We started sightseeing from the city center. In the center there was a Christmas tree, but the main holiday accents are just ahead of us.


Along the main street, Calle Marques de Larios, an installation resembling a portal and a nave of the church, which stretches along the street. The original stained glass windows are placed in the place of the windows. The whole is completed with thousands or hundreds of thousands of lights, which in all its glory will be seen by us only on New Year’s Eve, because so far we have been on trips during daylight hours 🙂


Glancing into the side streets, we can see one of the most important monuments of Malaga. Here we look at the tower of the church of San Juan Bautista.


On the other side, we can see the Encarnacion de Malaga cathedral dating back to medieval times. The temple is huge in size, in addition located among the tight urban buildings, so it is very difficult to show it in its entirety.


Another Square and another Christmas tree, this time a bit larger. We are at the Plaza de la Marina, next to the harbor bay.


From here, towards the Alcazaba the Arab fortress on the hill, leads Passeo del Parque – an elegant alley surrounded by truly wild vegetation. There are huge palm trees and other exotic plants here. Being in this park, even though we are in the city center, we sometimes feel like in the jungle. The humidity increases, the tops of the trees are in contact with each other creating a kind of tunnels and the smells of plants and flowers mix and combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere of this place.


We reach the Alcazaba. At its foot is the well-preserved ancient Roman theater, which testifies to the importance of this city in the Roman Empire. At the top of the hill is the Gibralfaro castle, erected in the 14th century, one of the last traces of Arab domination in this region.


Returning to the city center, we pass the arena of bullfighting. This way the toreadors enter the square on which in a moment they will face an angry bull.


After these emotions, we head towards the port to cool down a bit. We look at residential houses on the west side of the port and Center Pompidou – cultural center.


Passeo del Muelle Uno is a walking trail surrounding the bay full of exclusive restaurants and boutiques. Going south, we reach a lighthouse and a breakwater visible in the distance.


Going west along the passage, we will get back to the city center, passing the waterfront that is rich with modern architecture and art.


Finally, we take one glance at the entire bay of the inner port of Malaga. In addition to the part we can call commercial, the right seaport is located to the right of the photo.


We say goodbye to Malaga and slowly also with 2017. By the end of the year it will be three months since we left Poland, that is 1/3 of our entire trip.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to wish all of our readers the best New Year wishes.

Happy 2018!

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