We are in France!


It happened. After three days happily and with no problem we reached the Drome Provencale region in southern France. After 2056 km through the Polish roads, the German motorway and the French off-road the Golf went to well deserved rest among the French riders at Rue de Toesca in Nyons.


Immediately after to the Polish flag was added the flags of other states, which during our trip the Golf already visited.


The first thing that surprised us was the weather. True, the forecasts that we checked before leaving were optimistic (about 20 degrees C), but something else is the forecast and to check it on your own skin. In fact, during the day the temperature can be felt around 20-25 celsius. What’s more it is still sunny and it is only dark between 19 and 20. This allowed us to remove clothes from travelers bags that we prepared only for Spain and Portugal. .


In Nyons, where we currently live, figs and pomegranates grow in the main streets of the gardens and in the parks and on olive groves.



It is worth mentioning that Nyons locally is famous for three basic things: the production of olive oil, wine and lavender processing, which at this time of year smells almost the entire town.


Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the first (and another too!) Typical French breakfast was served on the terrace of our house.


Just afterwards, it is worth visiting the Nyons, which is essentially divided into two parts – a medieval historical center (entirely built of stone) surrounded by city walls now converted into stone houses and a new town with a market, the main transport hub, the Place de la Liberation and nearby buildings. A little further away from the center of the city are modern buildings, whose architecture and dimensions fit in the climate of the town.


The historic center is primarily narrow cobbled streets and passages. It’s easy to get lost in this tangle, but in the end you’re always going to hit the target.


8 bis.JPG

The first of the two most famous monuments of Nyons is the 15th-century bridge (Pont Roman) on the river l’Eygues. The panorama of the Nyons stretches out over the bridge and, looking down, we see the half-mountain river l’Eygues, whose pebbled bottom is perfectly visible at this time of year (the river is shallow and in some places it can only pass to the knees).


Next to the Promenade de la Digue is a distillery and a lavender factory. In the middle of the shop you can see and buy anything that can only be made from lavender (and that is really a lot!).


The second most important monument of Nyons, practically on every postcard next to Pont Roman, is the 18th-century Chapel of Notre-Dame de Bon Secours towering over the historic center. The figure of Our Lady at the top is visible from anywhere in Nyons.


Looking out from the chapel to the north, we see a typical picture of this region – a combination of classical French architecture with southern vegetation against the background of low alpine mountain ranges.


Finally a nice memory of the last visit to Nyons (it was few years ago). While walking to the newer part of town, a vendor in a vegetable garden near the Pont Roman bridge immediately recognized us and greeted us with a flawless ‘Dzień dobry!’ (polish ‘Good morning’).


Today that’s all. For more photos, visit our profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

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