Preparations for departure (part 2)


The last two weeks of September have been spent on intensive preparation for departure. Closing formalities related to departure, moving, last meeting with family and friends or shopping on departure.


The packaging of the equipment is extremely exhausting and demanding little practice. After many unsuccessful attempts, the roof box has hardly closed. Not surprising since he had to stock up for a few months.


Probably and mainly because of this originally planned departure for October 2 we had to move one day. However, it is not bad, because we took advantage of the warm and sunny days to prepare everything. Today we were traveling in the rain, but Wrocław already welcomed us with beautiful sunset 🙂


Returning to this morning is a historic photo of the Golf meter from the moment of departure (from this course will be calculated the length of the route of our trip).


And so we presented a cleaned and waxed Golf a few moments before setting off on his journey of life.



We have also prepared an orientation tour, which roughly looks like below. We start from Lublin heading west.

mapa podróży.jpg

Today we are on the way. After nearly 600 km we stopped for a night stay near the border with Germany. The first stop is France, where we will spend the whole October.


The next content (and each subsequent one) will appear regularly every Sunday.

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