Preparations for departure (part 1)

Preparations for the journey began with the decision to leave at the turn of April and May 2017. After the concept phase came time to implement. In addition to formal issues, gathering equipment and, above all, planning a route, it was necessary to prepare our car for departure. Finally, for the next few months the car will serve not only as a means of communication, but also often as a bedroom or for example shelter from the rain.


Apart from preparing the car, we made, as far as possible, a comfortable place for rest and sleep. Removing the back couch allowed us to estimate how much space we would actually have. Earlier we had the opportunity to sleep in the Golf, but always with a folded back couch, which was not necessarily the most convenient solution.


Fortunately, there was plenty of space (as long as we could say it about 175 cm in length and not one more). Because we carry a large roof box (450 litres) and a bicycle rack mounted on the hook (for two bikes), practically all the space behind the front seats can be used on the mattress lining. All spaces under the seats and on the sides will be filled with the things that we take with us and which we will not use every day and by virtue of that the mattress will have straight and strong surface. We also prepared a mattress for the size. In the end, every centimeter counts 🙂


Mechanically Golf did not require repair. We kept it up to date, so despite its age (in 2017 it was 25 years old) it did not require major repairs before departure. Of course, aware of the challenges facing him and his old age, we turned our steps into a workshop that has been doing it for years with good results. Besides the typical service (oil, fluids, filters, bulbs – we did it ourselves) we replaced brake pads, bearings and winter tires (just in case, we never know what weather will be on the road). Previously, we painted fenders that were changed because of their poor condition.


Before leaving, we also provided necessary maps and equipment (spare bulbs, fuses, rectifier, starter cables, oil change pump, lever, spare fluids and filters, 2 triangles, 2 reflective vests, etc.). Of course I do not mention other basic things like fire extinguisher, first aid kit or spare wheel. 🙂


We have a roof box, a bicycle rack for the hook and a final preparation is our place to rest in the luggage compartment at back of the Golf. After testing the car (last week of September) we will know what else needs to be improved. About this in the second part of the description of our preparations for departure, soon.

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